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LOCKBLOCK Entrance barriers

The LOCKBLOCK drive-through protection system has been especially designed to secure certain zones. The basis of every LOCKBLOCK is formed by a combination of blocks of reinforced concrete and extendable profile beams made of high-quality steel. Opening of the beams ensures access to secured zones at any time, to maintain quick access of emergency services when necessary. LOCKBLOCK systems come in sizes of 6, 8 and 12 meters (block spacing) but can also be delivered taylor-made. LOCKBLOCK systems are supplied in uncoated light grey concrete and hot dip galvanized and yellow coated beams. Alternative colors are possible.

LOCKBLOCK systems are expandable with various accessories such as drive, automation, camera systems, fencing and street furniture.

The LOCKLINE modular demarcation module and the SITELOCK fencing are available product variants.

Sale, rental and placement is possible throughout Europe.

LOCKBLOCK LOCKLINE Site demarcations

The LOCKLINE is a modular demarcation system. It is a variant of the LOCKBLOCK system. The LOCKLINE is also built from a combination of concrete blocks and profile beams. However, the telescopic beams are double and can move along each other. This allows the individual segments to be placed in line to achieve demarcations in any length that can also be opened at any location. LOCKLINE demarcation modules come in standard sizes of 7 and 9 meters (block spacing). See also the SITELOCK fencing paragraph for special applications.


By combining the different components of the LOCKBLOCK system, a SITELOCK setup can be created. This allows rectangular or other-shaped areas to be fenced. As standard SITELOCK fencings are built up from two narrow concrete blocks between which a semi-fixed beam of 6 meters is placed. By extending with LOCKLINE modules or LOCKBLOCK crash barriers, the fence can be fitted with entrance gates. If desired, concrete blocks can be provided with building fences.

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